Laterale co-founder TIm Vandenbroeke

Timothy Vandenbroeke

Timothy was born and educated in Belgium, obtaining his diploma in Interior Design at Saint Lucas Academy for Science and Art in Ghent. Relocating to Johannesburg in 2007, Timothy immersed himself in the local industry, working for two different architecture firms. He is fluent in English, Dutch and French.

About us

Born out of a shared passion for art, design and architecture, Laterale was founded by two Belgian friends: an interior designer and an architect.

Working within the wider creative industry, Laterale focuses its work on architecture, interior and furniture design. Its creations are the result of careful artistic research blended with innovation, quality and passion.

Laterale creates unique pieces that are the result of collaborations with professionals and artists from a variety of fields.

We create outside the mainstream, we create Laterale

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